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Website Support

Every website needs to be managed and supported so that it can grow and develop in the right direction following the latest trends of the web development as a whole.

Realizing this we offer our clients different kinds of supports by a variety of means – actual meetings with our clients, providing video tutorials, various consultations, professional advices and assistance.

We also offer a monthly support on a regular basis on terms specifically negotiated with the clients depending on the project and their requirements.

Supporting our clients is our priority so you can alsways reach us via email or telephone. We will do our best to answer your needs as soon as possible.

Technical support

HB Mill has tied up with some leading companies to provide technical consulting services in different fields of expertise. The coverage of our consulting services includes the design and development of a website, the optimization for the search engines, the marketing aspect of the websites, different problems that might occur with the websites or the applications of the clients, etc.

If you need technical assistance you can contact us via:

email: office@hbmill.com

phone: +359 876 262 949